What BidMagic Users are Saying:

When I got your software it was even easier to use than I thought! It is wonderful to use and gives my proposals a professional look and helps me make money. Your support is so good, I am going to tell all my friends. A mastermind solution!”

“My client called and said, ‘Your proposal is so professional – I don’t need to wait for other bids. You’ve got the job!‘ Even though my competitors are having a tough time, my sales are way up. I have to write 5 proposals today and with BidMagic, I can do all 5 in one hour. Thanks for helping my business grow.”

“I lost a lot of jobs to other dealers who used BidMagic! Now I am happy to be using it.”

“Since I started using your software I have spent a lot less time in the office creating proposals. What used to take up to 80 man hours creating a proposal on a large project, I can now finish in about an hour. My only regret is not getting BidMagic sooner. BidMagic is the best investment I have ever made for my business.

“Just wanted to let you know that I think your program and your support is awesome. John with your support team provided amazing support with a problem we were having and solved it in a timely and professional manner.”

Your product offers a rich set of features and functionality and maintains a surprisingly easy to use feel. The tools that you have chosen in its creation (.net and SQL Server) certainly represent best-of-breed for any size organization.

“I can’t tell you how much BidMagic software has taken off my proposal generation time. It probably saves 3 to 4 hours easily on proposals over $30k and it makes the little proposals a snap. Since it is so time saving I can spend the time to make the overall bid presentation more impressive and still have more time than before. My fear with all of the software packages was always the amount of time to keep the database up to date but with yours if I spend 5 minutes when I receive a new price sheet thats a lot. As you show in your demo, only put in the products you sell, not everything. A great time saver and excellent business tool!

“Our business and productivity have increased over 100 percent each year since using BidMagic and I am sure a lot of it has to do with your proposal software. We don’t sit around for hours making proposals we just knock them out and get them over to the clients right away. The checks have been coming in faster and bigger than ever!”

“Thank you for developing a software that finally makes sense. We cautiously switched from a more complicated software tool wondering if we would lose jobs. We have not lost one single job! It turns out our clients don’t care how much we know…they only want to know how much we care.  BidMagic delivers that message. BidMagic has everything our clients want and we can teach anyone in the office to use your software in a couple of hours.

“I was the higher bid …significantly higher. The customer emailed that they loved my proposal. I know based on BidMagic, I got the job. You guys did a great job with your product. It works MAGIC!”

BidMagic is everything I could ask for in a program. I have been using it for over 3 years. You and your support department have taken great care of me over the years. I am very excited about all the new features you have been adding that help my business.”

I had been looking for proposal software for well over a decade. I have met with the people at D-Tools and Simply Reliable Software in regards to their programs, but to no avail. Everyone wants to sell me a complete job tracking, inventory and bookkeeping program when all I want is a way to improve my presentations. While one company offers a $1,000 package that handles some of the duties, they immediately want to step you up to a program costing $7000 up front, and a $500 lease payment per month for upkeep. Did I mention the $1500 for on-line training? We are really enjoying your software! It has really helped streamline the quoting process while making our quotes more accurate. Thanks.”

“I just had to write to tell you how thrilled I am with my BidMagic software! I am the owner and I am not computer literate, but now I can do a proposal in 30 minutes. Better than that, I can modify proposals in no time. This saves me hours and days of my time and lots of headaches. My proposals are more accurate and more profitable. Thanks for the great software!”

“When we originally tried BidMagic I was very skeptical that this program would work for us. I have tried every program out there and had poor success with every one of them. You came through with everything you told me, we love the program and are utilizing it every day of the week. The program doesn’t take a great amount of skill to learn and train employees to use it. It takes a person in the AV business to design a program for our industry, that’s where you really come through.

“Once all the information was loaded from QuickBooks, I went through and categorized everything and added labor numbers and such. Then, not only did I link items, I created AV packages. Someone wants a Surround Sound system, one click and I’m done… Lighting Control, one click and I’m done. Creating proposals is so fast. Prior to using BidMagic it would take me a few hours on average to complete proposals. Now, I can get it done in a few minutes. Plus, I can print a profit report in seconds, review it, make adjustments and I’m done. … this can be the premiere software bidding program on the market. Keep up the great work!!!

“We purchased BidMagic in 2005. From the very beginning we have been amazed at how easy it was to learn and use. I can honestly tell you it’s made a huge difference in the financial performance of our company. Our ability to turn quotes around in a matter of hours has directly resulted in increased sales. Purchasing your software is one of the best decisions we have made in over 30 years in this business.


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