BidMagic + QuickBooks = 1 Powerful Business Solution

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QuickBooks is great for accounting and payroll, but cannot create Professional Proposals or Manage all of your Products, Prices and Labor. Our Interface connects BidMagic and QuickBooks together to take control of your business. Together, they are a powerful business solution for your company.
Our certified QuickBooks interface easily syncs up products, bids, clients, vendors. Designed in harmony with top QuickBooks consultants – this is the best QB interface in the AV & Security Industry!


» Send all BidMagic Data to QuickBooks including Products, Contacts, Vendors – No more double entry!
» Easily send Invoices, Estimates and Sales Orders from BidMagic to QuickBooks
» Automatically extract Category, Manufacturer and Model from QuickBooks Subitems
» Synced Products in BidMagic shows QuickBooks Item Names
» Choose Contacts to load into BidMagic Client Information from QuickBooks
» Invoices, Estimates and Sales Orders can contain Sell Price, Cost and Markup data
» Include Manufacture name in front of Product Name when sending to QuickBooks items
» Send Purchase Orders to QuickBooks, sorted by Vendor
 and Phases of Job
» Automatically Create Progressive Billing for Job Phases 
» Changing Prices in a Bid does not overwrite QuickBooks items prices
» Add new Products in BidMagic and send to QuickBooks as Inventory or Non-Inventory Items

New QuickBooks Update Coming Soon:
» We have worked with QuickBooks expert advisors to add these new features
» Improved Connection and new First Connection Wizard to assist with step by step startup
» Sales Tax Groups send complete detail of sales and labor tax breakdown to QuickBooks
» QuickBooks inventory connection shows current inventory when ordering
» BidMagic Project Calendar can send Time Tracking entries for payroll and billing
» Setup predetermined accounts when sending new products to QuickBooks
» User selectable assigments of subproduct heirarchy for importing correctly to BidMagic Product table
» Bill to and Ship to addresses coincide better with BidMagic contact info
» Show or hide hidden cable/hardware items from BidMagic bid in QuickBooks invoice or estimate (non inventory items)
» Improved Windows 7 compatibility

QuickBooks Professional Setup & Consulting Services:
Need help setting up your accounts? Are you frustrated with books that don’t really tell you crucial info you need?
We offer advice and in-depth assistance from leading QuickBooks Pro Consultants for our Industry
Workflow Training defines process and documentation flow in Sales/Engineering, Contract Management/Billing, Scheduling/Operations, Purchasing/Staging, Installation and Job-Costing to automate your business processes.
Susan Sipe – Abacus Prime Consulting  480.982.6220

Requirements for QuickBooks Sync:
BidMagic, QuickBooks and QuickBooks Sync must be installed on the same PC
US Windows Versions 2004 or newer
Win 7 requires QB 2010 (32 bit) UAC default setting required
does not run Online, Simple Start, POS
works with Canadian QB 2008-2009 (not multilanguage version
Windows 32 bit operating systems only. QuickBooks sync has difficulty connecting to 64 bit systems.

Most companies setup a single administrator to send BidMagic data to and from QuickBooks. A site license is also available.

QuickBooks is a registered trademark of Intuit.