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Check out our industry leading innovations in BidMagic’s Tech Calendar Version 3!


OUR NEW TECH CALENDAR includes powerful new app based tools to manage your installation and service techs. This powerful system sends work orders and service tickets to field techs via their mobile devices. Schedule and Dispatch your entire team. (Optional for BidMagic Pro & Enterprise Version Users)

  • Easy to Implement and Use without extensive training or expense
  • Create Group Calendars for Project Managers and Field Techs
  • Send Work Orders, Service Calls and QuickTasks to Techs in the Field via mobile devices
  • Field Techs can clockin and clockout of jobs and report progress and tasks completed
  • Requires cellular or wifi data connection. Features 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Send automatic text message reminders to clients prior to service appointments (US/Canada only)

For Installation and Service Techs:

  • iPhones and Android connect via BidMagic Tech Calendar in the app stores. (free downloads)
  • View your Calendar and scheduled events from your mobile device.
  • See project tasks and detailed work orders assigned to you and job contact information.
  • Check completed tasks on mobile device and create field notes that send updates to the office.
  • Easily Post times for Lunch, Breaks, Meetings and other activities.
  • Create QuickTasks for Clients with notes to report additional time & materials used.

For Project Managers and Dispatchers:

  • Send BidMagic proposals and service tickets to Group Calendar for assignment.
  • Project Tasks automatically assign to available techs for each phase.
  • Instantly add QuickTasks to tech calendars for appointments of all types.
  • Track Work Orders and stages of completion for every item requiring installation.
  • See the big picture with Gantt timeline views
  • Easily change calendar tasks with drag and drop.

Cool New Features

  • Set column width on Calendar to your preference.
  • Option to automatically clock techs out at midnight if they forget.
  • Click Directly on Calendar to create a QuickTask for installation, service or everyday activities.
  • No need to create a Bid or Service ticket first.
  • Instantly see who has clocked in. Calendar Highlights techs in green who have clocked in.
  • Send Job to Calendar allows choice for updating existing Projects in progress instead of overwriting them.
  • Installation Hours can be manually adjusted when sending to Calendar and Work Orders.
  • Field Notes from Mobile Devices enhanced to allow sending up to 500 characters.
  • Service calls are highlighted in green in unassigned task list.
  • Work Order screen shows total hours for selection of Projects, Techs or Filtered selections.
  • Improved date navigation for Work Orders and Timeline.
  • New work orders default maximum time assigned to 8 hours per day, but can be adjusted to more.
  • Allow rescheduled tasks and projects to be deleted.
  • Automatically assign 1 hour of labor to a work order if labor not defined. This can be edited when assigned to Calendar.
  • Allow multiple Clock in and out to Travel or Job with controls to Start, Stop, Mark All Completed Tasks.
  • Real Time GPS Time/Location Record for Clock in and Out. (No continual tracking eliminates privacy concerns.)

Requires current IOS version or Android version 5.0 or newer OS.
Note: Features and delivery date subject to change.


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